A half-type insole made of specially processed goatskin leather with excellent moisture absorption properties.

【Product Details】
●This is a half-size insole that covers mainly the toes of the shoe.
●The surface of the insole is made of goatskin leather, which is soft to the touch and gives the insole a high-quality appearance.
●Special processing improves wear resistance and durability.
●It absorbs and dissipates perspiration well, reducing moisture inside the shoe.
●A rubber sponge with activated charcoal is attached to the back to prevent slippage and reduce unpleasant odors in shoes.
●It has a cushioning effect and supports comfortable walking.
●Use it for subtle sizing of shoes of 5mm or less.

For men:Free size
For women:S size(22.0~22.5cm) M size(23.0~23.5cm) L size(24.0~24.5cm)
Thickness of the insole:about 3mm(This is the value when no weight is applied)

【How to use】
●Please choose the size which adjusts on your shoes.
●Place them inside your shoes with the leather side facing up.
●Use alternately on two pairs of shoes for a longer lasting effect.

●If the insole contains a large amount of sweat, the color may transfer to your socks.
Dry them in the shade from time to time.
●If you feel pain while using the insole, please stop to use it immediately.
●Please note that depending on usage, the insole may become completely crimped and difficult to remove, and may also stick black when removed.
●Not washable.