A cup-shaped insole (molded in three dimensions) that keeps the inside of the shoe comfortable when walking or playing sports.

【Product Details】
●The pile fabric of rayon and cupra fibers on the surface (first layer) is treated with antibacterial and deodorant properties to prevent the smell of sweat and inhibit the growth of bacteria, keeping the inside of the shoe comfortable.
●The second layer is made of foamed polyethylene foam, which has excellent cushioning properties and gently wraps the foot, relieving foot fatigue during walking and sports.
●The cup shape holds the foot in the correct position.
●The third layer, the heel, is made of ZULEN®, a high-performance special urethane foam that absorbs the impact of walking and reduces the burden on the knees and back. It also prevents the insole from shifting in the shoe.

For men:M size(24.0~26.0cm) L size(26.5~28.0cm)
For women free size(22.0~25.0cm)

【How to use】
●Please choose the size which adjusts on your shoes.
●Place it in your shoe with the fabric side up.
●Use alternately on two pairs of shoes for a longer lasting effect.

●Insoles are made in typical shape. The width of some shoes may not fit.
●If pebbles or sand get into the shoe, they can damage the insole.
●The colour of the insole surface may stick to white or light-coloured socks.
●Please do not bend the insole.
●If you feel pain while using the insole, please stop to use it immediately.
●Not washable.