The insole is made of highly textured seed stitch-pile that keeps the surface smooth to the touch.

【Product Details】
●The first layer is made of high quality seed stitch-pile (Pol-Ester) with anti-odor and anti-bacterial treatment. It is highly durable and maintains a smooth feel. The surface is also scented with baby powder. Fragrance retention agent keeps shoes smelling fresh and fresh for a long time.
●The second layer is made of mechanical floss polyurethane foam (zulen), which has a high cushioning effect, and has small holes to improve air permeability.

For women free size:(21.0~25.0cm)

【How to use】
●It is a free size, so please trim it to your desired size and use it.
●The required size chart is printed on the backing paper.
●The size chart shows the standard size and shape.
●The size and shape of the shoe will vary depending on the shoe, so we recommend the following cutting method.
1.At the beginning, cut the length and width larger than the size of the shoes you will use.
2.Make adjustments by trimming little by little while checking the size and shape.
●Place it in your shoe with the fabric side up.
●Use alternately on two pairs of shoes for a longer lasting effect.

●Insoles are made in typical shape. The width of some shoes may not fit.
●If pebbles or sand get into the shoe, they can damage the insole.
●Please do not bend the insole.
●Not washable
●If you feel pain while using the insole, please stop to use it immediately.
●The colour of the insole surface may stick to white or light-coloured socks
due to perspiration.