The insole supports the arch of the foot to ensures a comfort fit.

【Product Details】
●These insoles are effective in relieving the stress on the feet and back, and in protecting healthy feet by functioning the three arches in the sole of the foot (transverse arch, medial longitudinal arch and lateral arch).
For men:M(25.0~25.5cm) L(26.0~26.5cm)
For women:M(23.0~23.5cm) L(24.0~24.5cm)
■Thin finish[Roomy toe design]
The toe section is approximately 1 mm thick, which does not affect the size of the shoe.
■Mesh processing[Smoothing effect on the surface]
The highly absorbent mesh polyester fibres quickly absorb sweat and keep the surface dry.
■Dotted finish
The toe is dotted to relieve foot fatigue.
■Vertical and lateral (medial and lateral)arch support shapes.
It is designed to hold the transverse arch at the base of the toes and the longitudinal arch on the inside and outside of the foot.
■Cut mould shape[Designed to stabilise the heel]
The cup shape of the heel stabilises the foot, which tends to be unstable in the shoe.

【How to use】
●Please select the correct size for your shoes.
●If it is large, please trim the size chart on the back of the unit and adjust.
●Place it inside the shoe with the fabric side facing out (up).
●It is recommended to use two pairs alternately for best results.

●Insoles are made in typical shape. The width of some shoes may not fit.
●If pebbles or sand get into the shoe, they can damage the insole.
●The colour of the insole surface may stick to white or light-coloured socks due to perspiration.
●If you feel pain while using the insole, please stop to use it immediately.
●Not washable
●Please do not bend the insole.