HEEL FIT & UP Women`s



Insole which provides a good figure when you put on shoes

【Product details of HEEL FIT & UP】
●Low repulsion cushion enfolds your heel gently.
●Thickness latex holds up your heel.
●To promote the knee position provides you well balanced styling.
●Size:Half type(only heel part)2.5㎝・3.5㎝・4.5㎝
●Size:Insole type 2.5㎝・3.5㎝

【How to use】
●Stick the double sided tape on the back of insole and fix the heel part of shoes.

●Not available to use for a fabric mateiral or surface which contains rough material since it may not stick.
●Please use for shoes which the heel is under 4cm.
●Do not bend the insole.
●If sands and pebbles get into shoes, it may damage the insole.
●If you feel pain while using the insole, please stop to use it immediately.