レザーケアキット レザークリスタル


A protective cream for finishing leathers which provides nutriton
and protects from crack

【Product Details】
A highest grade oil lubricating cream which the different types of waxes are mixed.
JOJOBA WAX which provides moist and settles well on leather, high accuracy
wool greas, mineral oil are included.
●A vegetable wax refined from oleaginous seeds provides softness and
moist on leather.
●The wool grease is blended which is refined from wool and a high purity wax,
protect leathers gently and provide natural and soft gloss.
●The mineral oil provides new oil on leather items and keeps a good condition of leather.
●This cream has less stickness and easily extended. It becomes glossy easily with
applying the cream thinly and evenly.
●A colorless cream that is available for any colors of shoes.
●Absorbent leathers may not gloss for a long time but it maintains refreshness.

■What is Jojoba Oil?
Jojoba oil is an oil from perennial herb`s seeds that grown in the desert in
U.S.A and Mexico. In the past, this oil had been used by native American from
the western for treating wound and protecting skins. This oil does not oxidize easily
and having a high safety. For this reason, this oil is called “A Miracle Oil”.

【How to use】
●Take the cap and use the cloth for applying a small amount of cream.
Apply the cream evenly and gently.
●Please buff lightly for shoes. The gloss may decrease if you buff too strong.
*Available for water repellent shoes.
●Please clean with a soft cloth on leather wears, bags and couches that
dusts may not stick.

●Keep out of reach of children.
●The cream contains oil that the color may change darker than original color.
●Some mateirals get stains easily. Apply to an inconspicuous place first.
●Not available for special leathers (aniline leather, tanned leather) and
napped leathers (suede, nubuck).
●Take care with a storage place.