A cream for leathers which protects from crack and provides nutritional
effects on oil finishing leather.

【Product Details】
●Provides new oil which could keep softness and smoothness on leather.
●Mink Oil fits in well to leather.
●Some leather items lose color and get stains easily. Apply to inconspicuous place first.
●Do not use for speccific leathers (Aniline leather, Tanned leather) and napped leather
(Suede, Nubuck).

■What is Mink Oil?
Mink Oil is an oil made by fat and oil from an animal called “Mink”.
Mink Oil was made for boots care in the U.S.
When American boots was imported in Japan, Mink Oil was also imported at the same time.
Nowadays, Mink Oil is used for whole leather items.

■Merit of using Mink Oil
Excellent point of Mink Oil is “the oil supplement”.
The oil can penetrates into leather with a small amount of Mink Oil.
There are 3 merits to apply Mink Oil to leather items.
①Hard to get dry ②Softness ③High waterproofness

■Demerit of using Mink Oil
①Get moldy・・・Get moist easily bacase it is hard to get dry.
②Get out of shape・・・Softness give comfort but get out of shape of shoes.
③Get dirty・・・Face become sticky and get dirty easily because of animal oil.

【Other ways to use Mink Oil】
●It makes the outsole of shoes soft and provides comfort.
●It makes the place soft where the foot hits the shoe and protects from shoe sore.
●It revives leather shoes which is completely dried.

●Keep out of reach of children.
●In case if children swallowed it accidentally, give them first aid and seek medical advice.
●Keep away from high temperature and direct sunlight.