Easy-to-apply tube type shine cream for shiny leather shoes.

【Product Details】
●This is a special cream for shiny leather shoes made by dispersing a small amount of water in a special wax into ultra-fine particles evenly.
●It is colorless and can be used on any color of shiny leather shoes.
●It combines the gloss and water resistance of an oil-based cream with the softness and ease of use of an emulsifying cream.
●Vitamin E and collagen maintain the flexibility of leather.
●Easy-to-use tube type with applicator.

【How to use】
●Remove dust and dirt from the surface of the shoes.
●Remove the cap by pulling it upwards and push out a small amount of cream onto the application sponge and spread it thinly.
●After drying, polish lightly with a cloth.

●Cannot be used on untreated leather, special leather such as shrink leather, or napped leather such as suede or nubuck.
●Keep out of the reach of children.
●If swallowed, give first aid treatment such as drinking water and consult a doctor.
●Take care with a storage place to avoid accidental ingeston.