Shoe covers which protect your shoes from rain and dirt

【Product Details】
●Excellent elasticity and easy to put on and take off.
●Only to wear over your shoes.
●Fits tightly and non-slip.
●With a portable mini bag.
●2 pieces for 1 pair
*There is no left and right foot.
●Size:Medium(22.5㎝~24.5㎝)/ Large(25.0cm~27.0㎝)
●Main material : Silicone

【How to use】
●Open the cover and turn over to the toe part.
●Put this product on the toe of your shoe while it is turned over.
●Cover it to the heel.
●Check that the toes and heels are not misaligned.
*Please note that pulling this product more than necessary
or catching nails or accessories may cause damage.

●Please refrain from using it on sharp shoes, platform shoes, heel shoes,
shoes with protrusions,shoes with decorations such as metal.
●Be careful when using in slippery places such as tiles, manholes, iron floors,
stairs, escalators, indoors, and places with steps.
●Please refrain from using it for the elderly and pregnant women.
●After using, dry it thoroughly in the shade and store it away from direct sunlight.
●Keep out of reach of children.