レザーケア プロテクティブスプレー

Waterproofing, nourishing, and anti-staining spray for shiny and napped leather.

【Product Details】
●It is a waterproofing, nourishing, and stain-preventing spray that can be used on bags, shoes, and small leather goods made of soft leather.
●The fluoropolymer resin provides waterproofing without compromising the breathability of the leather, and jojoba oil keeps the leather supple.
●The main ingredient of this product is a specially processed water repellent, which is also suitable for soft leather.

【How to use】
●Please shake the container well before use.
●Use a soft brush to remove dirt, then spray evenly about 20cm away from the surface.
●Use about 5 seconds per foot.
●Some materials may stain or fade. Please test on an inconspicuous area before use.
●After use, dry well before going out.

●Keep out of the reach of children.
●If swallowed, give first aid treatment such as drinking water and consult a doctor.
●Take care with a storage place to avoid accidental ingeston.