スニーカーケア プロテクトスプレー



Sneaker protection spray which protects materials from water, dirt, dust and oils.
Contains UV absorber which is effective for waterproof and reppelent.
*Waterproof & UV cut

【Product Details】
●Coating fluororesin water and oil repellant on the fibers protect materials from water, dirt, dust and oils.
●Restrains sneakers color faiding by the UV absorber.
●The materials softness and breathable do not impair.
●Available for sneakers made of smooth leathers, napped leathers (suede,nubuck), cloth and nylon.

【How to use】
●Shake the container well before use.
●Remove stains and dirt from shoes. Keep 20~25cm distance and spray lightly on the surface of shoes.
●Please spray about 5 seconds/shoe.

●The color on the surface of leather may darken after use, but it will return to the original color in 5 to 10 minutes.
●Please dry more than 15 minutes after use, for materials made of tanned and napped leathers etc. which have good permeability.
●Buff the smooth leathers with a soft cloth after use. No need to buff for materials such as a cloth.
●Brush napped leathers lightly.
●Please dry wet shoes before use.
●Some mateirals get stains easily. Apply on an inconspicuous place first.
●It may be difficult to spray easily under a low temperature. Please leave it indoor after a while before use.
●Please use it under an airy place.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●If children swallowed accidentally, give first aid and seek medical advice.
●Keep away from high temperature and direct sunlight.