スニーカーケア サニタイザースプレー

Spray to keep sneakers always clean.

【Product Details】
●Non-alcohol type disinfection and antibacterial spray that contains platinum nanoparticles and benzalkonium chloride.
●Active ingredients adhere to the material to remove bacteria and inhibit their growth.
●It also acts on odor-causing bacteria and is effective in deodorizing sneakers.
*Not effective against all bacteria.

【How to use】
●Usage for Smooth leather and Artificial leather
①Spray on a soft cloth and wipe entirely.
②Wipe with a soft cloth after the shoe has dried.

●Usage for Napped leather, Nylon, and Fabric
Spray evenly so that the whole area is lightly wet, and let it dry well.
*When used on napped leather, brush after shoe has dried.

●Do not use for purposes other than the intended applications.
●Some materials get stains easily. Apply on an inconspicuous place first.
●Not available for special leathers (Reptiles, Enamel, Napped) and Fabric.
●Do not use on a body.
●Keep away from high temperature and direct sunlight.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●Store the bottle in an upright position.
●In case if children swallowed it accidentally, give them first aid and seek medical advice.
●In case if children contacted with eyes rinse immediately with running water for 15 seconds or more without rubbing and seek medical advice.