At THE COLUMBUS CO.,LTD. Matsudo Factory, we are engaged in selecting quality ingredients for wax, emulsificating, bottling, inspecting, packaging and delivering.


Extracted from plants, insects, and animals, waxes are transformed to products which are most suitable for subject`s features and materials.


Blended waxes and other ingredients are emulsified in iron pots by the heat from the fire. It takes an expert in putting ingredients into iron pots at the best timing and adjusting to the best temperature.


We conduct a inspection of emulsified creams at laboratory in the same premise. Trust may be lost unless our products are standardised. We also condust a thorough examination of cream colors by utilizing special tools and human`s eye.


After inspection, finally bottling. Weighing each product in completion whether they are satisfactorily bottled or not.


After weight measurement. Products are packaged and delivered to our customers.


Shoe Cream Specialist

Currently, at THE COLUMBUS MATSUDO FACTORY which is called Matsudo Labo, about ten to twenty engineers who are called shoe cream specialist are working to further pursue their specialities. Since fashion trend, color preferences, finishing styles are ever changing, keeping up with up-to-dateness is necessary. It is the honor of our engineers that never to stop further researching the best ingridients, needless to say, process, how to care and all other aspects necessary for polishing the shoes.
Never compromise until we get to the top of a shoe cream manufacturer is our motto.
Also, as a leading shoe cream manufacturer it is our liability to further improve our products distributed to domestic market. It is normal to be seen that our engineers are wearing a pair of shoes polished differently and commuting to our company without a shade of hesitation.
Those people are the inventers of our fine quality shoe creams.


Matsudo factory is visited by neighbor elementary school students, introducing them what our company is and it is our engineers` important part of role. Engineers are struggling how to entertain those little future customers and also feeling sympathy for their teachers.
Usually started by giving lectures about leathers before about shoe creams. What kind of leathers are there and how they are made of? It must be surprising for them that their school bags which are carried on their back are also made of leathers.
In our daily life. we tend to be unconcious and overlooking what our belongings are made from. So,it must have been a new discovery for them.
Next, about how shoe care goods and shoe creams are distributed from our factory to each customers` hand. Little kids seem so serious taking notes.
Did they understand well?... Then, the most exciting moment is the experiment of emulsification.
Little customers are participating in this session. However, interestingly seen, some kids mix creams with full power and others seem so cautious of and worried about.
After the experiment, proceeding to a tour in the factory.
At this stage, we let little customers feel iron pots and waxes by their bare hand.
Little customers seem so curious when emulsification started in iron pots.
Followed by demonstration of bottling and filling.
Visitors can actually see that how machines are moving in Matsudo factory. Little customers are fixing their eyes on the machines.
Lastly,question and answer session.
Some made pointed questions about 「Why did your company build the factory in Matsudo?」.
Engineers seem so staggered.
Now that open factory is over.
Little customers are heading at their school with shoe care box in their hands. Wishing on a souvenir from Matsudo factory.