Almighty Waterproof spray for leathers and fabric items

【Product Details】
●The fluororesin provides waterproofness, oil repellant and antifouling without
impending ventilation.
●Available for leather items, cloth items and for artificial leather items as well.
●It includes gas discharging function.

■What is AMEDAS Protective spray?
AMEDAS protective spray is an almighty waterproof / protective spray which is available for any kind of weather, places, shoes and bags. The coating fluororesin protects leathers from water, dust and oil stains. It does not lose softness and breathable which keeps shoes always clean.

①Waterproof effect ②Antifouling effect ③Oil repellant protects your leather items.

■How to maintain waterproof effect
①The waterproof effect will not get weak unless you rub the shoes too strong.
②The effect of leather`s bending part will get weak gradually.
③The waterproof effect will get weak after walking in the rain or snow.

【How to use】   *Testing waterproof effect
Please follow amount of use bellow
①While cleaning your shoe ②After rainy day ③Before rainy day

●Keep out of reach of children.
●Some mateirals get stains easily. Apply to an inconspicuous place first.
●Close the cap after use, keep away from high temperature and direct sunlight.