Moisture-absorbing and heat-retaining insole with moisture-absorbing fiber “eks”(R) and long pile boa fiber to comfortably warm the sole.

【Product Details】
●This insole has a high thermal protective function.
●The first layer of boa fiber is made of “eks”(R), a material that absorbs sweat inside the shoe and generates heat. The material absorbs sweat and repeatedly generates heat and releases.
●The second layer is made of PET felt, which has excellent cold air-blocking effect. It reduces cold air from the soles.
●Eliminates alkaline and acidic odors in shoes with the properties of “eks”(R) fiber.

For men Free size:(24.0~28.0cm)
For women Free size:(21.0~25.0cm)

【How to use】
●It is a free size, so please trim it to your desired size to fit.
●Put them in your shoes with the long fur side facing up.
●Use two pairs alternately for a longer lasting effect.

●Insoles are made in typical shape. The width of some shoes may not fit.
●Please do not bend the insole.
●If you feel pain while using the insole, please stop to use it immediately.
●Not washable.
●This is not a disposable insole.