コロンブスベーシック 防水・保護スプレー (ウォーターストップ)


Waterproof spray for leather and fabric items which protects from water, dust and oil stains

【Product Details】
●Fluororesin provides waterproofness, oil repellant and antifouling without impending ventilation.
●It will not lose the leather`s softness and breathable.
●Available for shoes made of natural leathers such as smooth and napped leather, and for other leather items too.

【How to use】
●Shake the container well before use.
●Please keep 20cm away from shoes.
●Spray around 5 seconds/shoe.

●Colors on leathers may get deep after spraying, but it returns to usual in 5 to 10 minutes.
●Please dry more than 15minutes for permeability leathers.
●Polish gently on smooth leathers with a dried cloth.
●Please brush napped leathers gently.
●Please make sure to spray wet shoe after it has dried.
●Some mateirals get stains easily. Apply to an inconspicuous place first.
●The injection quantity will fade off under a low temperature.
●Please keep it indoor for a while, then use it out of doors.
●Please spray in an airy outdoor.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●If children swallowed accidentally, give first aid and seek medical advice.
●Take care with a storage place to avoid accidental ingestion.