Nongas type spray which protects leather items from mold

【Product Details】
●The compositon of the mist adsorbs on the surface of bacteria and destroys membrane structure of mold.
●Microencapsulated antibacterial agent penetrates to leather and restrain the growth of mold.
●Antibacterial agent is used that is made from high safety dietary fatty acid.
*It be dcanifficult to remove mold in case it has penetrated deeply.
*In some case, stains on the surface can be difficult to remove.
*Please clean leather items frequently and take care for ventilation.
■What conditons cause mold?
High temperature and humidity (temperature: 15℃, humidity:75%)
The best condition for mold in Japan is June, July, August and September.

【How to use】
●Dry the leather item in a shade and airy place. Care after the leather item has dried.
(Please wear a mask and caution not to inhale mold.)
●Press the stopper button (UnLock) to unlock.
●Spray and wet a cloth well. Then wipe off the mold on the surface. Change the face of the cloth if the surface is wide.
(Discard the cloth which you wipped off the mold into a plastic bag.)
●Increase a distance about 10cm from the leather item and spray directly after wipping off.
*Use it on a newspaper as liquid drips.
●Do not wipe off the liquid and dry leather items in a shade.
(Fragrance of liquid disappeares)
●Apply a leather cream after the leather item has dried.
*Brush and trim hairs for napped leather.

●Keep out of reach of children.
●Do not use it on delicate leathers such as smooth leather, napped leather and reptiles leather.
●Some mateirals get stains easily. Apply on an inconspicuous place first.
●Please ventilate the room when you use the spray in a tight space.
●Take care with a storage place.