Sheet type mold cleaner that is easy to use. Removes mold and dirt from leather items and prevents mold growth.

【Product Details】
●The composition adsorbs bacteria on the surface of leather and destroys membrane structure of mold. It is effective for mold proofing as well.
●Antibacterial agent is used that is made from high safety ingredients.
*It might be difficult to remove mold in case it penetrated deep.
*In some cases, stains on the surface might be difficult to remove.
*Please clean leather items frequently and take care for ventilation.

■What condition cause mold?
High temperature and humidity (temperature: 15℃, humidity:75%)
The best condition for mold in Japan is June, July, August and September.

【How to use】
①Open the flap and take a sheet.
②Wipe dirt and mold on the surface of leather items.
If the dirty area is wide, please change the face of the sheet.
※Please put the sheet into the garbage bag after use.
③Dry the item enough in the well ventilated area and apply leather cream to provide nutrition.
④Close the flap after use to prevent from drying.
※Please use a mask and plastic glove to avoid breathing mold.

●Keep out of reach of children.
●Do not use to special leathers such as napped leather and reptiles leather.
●Some materials get stains easily. Apply on an inconspicuous place first.
●This sheet is not available flushing in a toilet.