This is a special paint that can be used to color natural leather, synthetic leather, and canvas products.

【Product Details】
●You can arrange them into your own shoes or leather goods just like paints.
●Color: 12 colors ①Black ②White ③Yellow ④Red ⑤Blue ⑥Green ⑦Orange ⑧Purple ⑨Pink ⑩Light Blue ⑪Navy ⑫Brown

【How to use】
●Remove any dust, oil, wax, etc. from the surface to be painted, open the inner stopper of the container, and stir thoroughly with a stick.
●Apply with a brush, sponge, etc. *If the paint is too viscous and difficult to apply, use a thinner solution.
●When applying layers of paint, allow the paint to dry sufficiently before doing so.
●Coat the surface with a top coat to prevent possible color fading.

●Keep out of the reach of children.
●It contains organic solvents, so be sure to keep the area well ventilated during use.
●If the paint gets into your eyes or you feel sick while painting, seek medical advice and treatment.
●Keep the container tightly closed and away from direct sunlight and temperatures below -5°C.