Deodorizing spray for shoes which the AG(silver) antibacterial agent is mixtured

【Product details of Odorclean slim】
●Plant origin deodrant neutralizes bad smell.
●AG(silver) antibacterial agent inhibits bacteria which causes bad smell.
●Powder type spray which makes inside of shoes smooth and comfortable.

【Product details of Odorclean Cool 180】
●Cool mentol fragrance deodrant spray which provides cool inside of the shoes.
●Pevents bad smell from sweaty foot.
●AG(silver) antibacterial agent inhibits bacteria which cause bad smell.
●Powder type spray which keeps smoothness and does not cause stickiness.

【How to use】
●Shake the container well before use.
●Please increase 15~20cm from inside of shoes while spraying.
●Do not spray to the front side.
●Make sure it remains white if you spray too much.
●The standard amount of usage is about 40pairs of shoes (about 4seconds/shoe).

●Do not use the Deodorant powder spray upside down which is not available to spray.
●If you use it upside down, it gets flat and you may not use the spray until last.
●Please use the injection part above.
●Keep out of reach of children.
●If children swallowed accidentally, give first aid and seek medical advice.
●Take care with a storage place to avoid accidental ingestion.