RFS HEEL CUSHION CLEAR (Unsymmetrical wear)



Prevent unsymmetrical wear of the heel

【Product details】
●Prevents unsymmetrical wear of shoes sole and heel part.
●Absorbs shocks of heel which prevents tired foot.
●Sticky type cushion which the double sided tape is not used.
●Size:Unisex Free size

【How to use】
●Please cut the pad as same as the heel shape of shoes.
(Please do not cut the thick back surface part)
●When the pad gets dirt and adhesion gets weak, take it out from shoes, wash with water and wipe with a dried cloth.
●High clearness cushion which available to use it repeatedly.

●Not available to use for a cloth or surface which contains rough material since it may not stick.
●If you feel pain while using, please stop to use it immediately.
●Do not bend the insole.
●Keep the body into the package, avoid from a direct sunlight and keep it in a well-ventilated area.
●Please note that the oil from pad may soak into insole.
●Detachable adhesion type pad, but some insoles may crimp strong which gets difficult to remove. Also stickness and pad mark may remain.