フットソリューション つま先コンフォート


Toe comfort which fix sole inside of shoes which prevents foot slides forward

【Product Details】
●Dot process which enhance anti-slip effect on the surface.
●Comfortable cushioning relieves foot tiredness.
●Sticky type gel is used which the double sided tape is not used.
●High clearness does not impair the design of shoes.
●Styrene elastomer makes inside of shoes unnoticeable.

【How to use】
●Wipe the insole with a dried cloth.
●Take the clear tape off, then face down the flat surface and set on the insole.
●Stick the pad after tried shoes on and adjust the position.
●In case the pad gets dirt or adhesion decreases, take off the pad from shoes, wash with water and wipe it up with a dried cloth.

●Not available to use for a fabric or surface which contains rough material since it may not stick.
●Adhesion type pad which is removable. In some case the tracks of the pad and stickness remains inside of shoe. Some materials might be difficult to remove the pad because of crimp.
●Do not bend the insole.
●Keep the body into the package, avoid from a direct sunlight and keep it in a well-ventilated area.
●If you feel pain while using, please stop to use it immediately.