フットソリューション サイズフィッターインソール厚盛タイプ 女性用

The thick, voluminous cushioning of the insole fits snugly into the arch of the toes.

【Product details】
●The thick padding on the surface and back of the insole reduces the impact on the upper arch of the foot, which is prone to strain.
●The thick, three-dimensional cushioning that matches the sole of the foot ideally holds the three arches that run along the sole of the foot to relieve fatigue.
●The anti-slip pad prevents the foot from slipping forward in the shoe.
●It relieves the weight and impact on the heel when walking, thereby alleviating pain.
●The cup shape of the heel part stabilizes the foot, which tends to be unstable in shoes, so that you can walk with correct posture.
●The first layer, which touches the sole of the foot, is made of polyester canoes with excellent breathability that allows perspiration to pass quickly to the lower layer, keeping the insole surface dry at all times.
●The second layer is made of breathable continuous cell polyurethane, which quickly diffuses perspiration from the upper layer to prevent dampness.

【How to use】
●In the beginning, please cut the length and width larger than the size of your shoes.
●Make adjustments by cutting little by little while checking the size and shape.

●When you wear white or light-colored stockings, the black color of the main unit may stick to the stockings due to sweat.
●The insole is made in a standard shape, but the width may not fit some shoes.
●Do not bend this product.
●Keep out of direct sunlight, and store in the package in a humid place out of the reach of infants.
●It is not washable.
●If you feel any pain in your feet, stop using it immediately.